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  Increase Your Web Site's Visibility

LinkPlanner will help you maximize your Web site's link popularity and chances of being found by identifying the sites from which you need links.

A Unique Link Popularity Building Service

LinkPlanner is the only service on the Internet that creates a customized linking plan for your site. You need to know the exact online locations where your site needs to be linked and listed in order to have a better chance of being found. Your unique LinkPlanner link plan will tell you where to build links.

Offering A Customized Link Plan For Your Site

Your link plan will be 100% customized for your site and your site's content. Every Web site has a topic. And for every topic there are key places in the online world to seek links from. The challenge is in identifying the places among those places - lets call them venues - willing to provide a link to your site.

Put simply, a link plan is all the places on the Web that you would like to get to link to your site. These include the obvious places like big web directories, such as Yahoo, but also many other venues that are appropriate for your site as well.

Purchase a LinkPlanner link plan to identify the specific Web sites you need links from to maximize link popularity.

Why You Need a LinkPlanner Link Plan

Finding the link venues that will maximize the chances your target audience will find your site is not always easy but it's more and more important:
  • Led by Google, search engines are placing increasing weight on link popularity in determining rankings.
  • LinkPlanner offers a deep knowledge of the millions of web guides, directories, search engines, discussions lists, topical e-newsletters, etc. that are a match for any given Web site
  • LinkPlanner co-founder Eric Ward has been creating link plans for 7 years. He created the very first link plan for , back when Jeff Bezos and a couple partners had just begun.
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