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  Link Planning for Increased Link Popularity

Your Link Plan is a niche and site specific guide to the online resources that focus on your site's topic. It answers the key question: "where do I need to be linked and listed for people to find my site?"

The Search Engine Strategy Buzz

What are people talking about when they talk about search engine strategy? They are talking about the increasing importance of link popularity. Links drive traffic but they also tell search engines your site is relevant to their traffic.

Google is growing in popularity - reaching 17.3% of the Internet audience in August, 2001, according to Jupiter media Metrix. And its acknowledged reliance on the quality and quantity of links to a site is influencing the search engine world.

It makes sense. Who are the best judges of the best Web sites in any given subject area or niche? The people who run the best Web site in any given subject area. Their link to your site is the Internet user and search engine spider's indicator that your site is relevant.

Build Traffic and Increase Search Engine Visiblity

A LinkPlanner link plan helps you build traffic and increase search engine visibility:
  • Your site's Link Plan is 100% custom-made for your site.
  • It's not a formula or template or replicated plan that we created for hundreds of other sites.
  • It's of use only to your site.
  • It provides you with a detailed analysis of all the best topical venues on the Internet that are a match for your site's topic.
  • Don't be fooled by Free For All link pages and Reciprocal link services; they won't increase your search engine ranking or your traffic.
  • You need links from carefully selected and respected Web sites.

You Need a Link Plan

If your site is about mountain climbing vacations, then your Link Plan will identify the best places where you can seek links, participate in online discussions, post in online forums... and identify the best categories to submit to for links at the major portals. And do the same for directories related to mountain climbing, as our research indicates.

Order Your Link Plan Today

A link plan will help you maximize the chance your site’s target audience can find your site. Order your link plan to increase traffic from relevant sites and search engines.

You're in safe hands. Eric Ward, the founder of LinkPlanner, has created over 1000 link plans for clients including, Warner Bros, the BBC, many Fortune 500 companies and small Web ventures. He is an acknowledged expert in link planning and authors the monthly "Link Mensch" link building column on preeminent online marketing guide
For a web marketer trying to maximize links at the major portals, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Opportunities abound, but it's so confusing you avoid it. More>
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