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  The Portal Linkers Professional Desk Reference

200+ sections covering over 25 of the largest portals, search engines,and adjunct linking options

This reference guide contains factual how-to techniques that I use every day to secure links and listings at the portals for my clients, like AOL, Discovery Channel, Warner Bros, and many others. I handled the original linking campaigns for,, and many other sites that are now linked and listed all over the world, and this Desk Reference is my way of sharing what I've learned over the past 6 years.

What It Does
This Desk Reference will show you how to secure free and paid links, listings, and reviews at the key high traffic and topical portals like Yahoo, LookSmart, Open Directory, MSN, AOL,, Google, Excite, AltaVista, Lycos, iWON, Inktomi, FAST, Direct Hit. Sections are also devoted to paid engines like GoTo, SearchHound, FindWhat and to paid placement adjunct tools like RealNames, Sprinks, AdWords, and others.

What It Includes
Over 200 sections in interactive PDF or HTML format, this reference book includes 6 bi-monthly revisions over the next year, plus a monthly Email bulletin to keep you 100% current with what the portals are up to, who they are partnering with, and when new linking opportunities arise that you can pursue.

This single set of three tools: The Reference, Revisions, and Bulletin, will show you exactly how to maximize your presence at the key high traffic venues.

Why It Was Written
It's impossible for any web marketer to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of portals and search engines, links and listings.  That's where my Desk Reference comes in.  Researched and created by me, Eric Ward, the person behind the original linking campaigns for,, and many other sites that are now linked and listed all over the world.

The Reference explains in detail the current state of search engine and directory partnerships from a links and listings perspective.  In the past year nearly every search engine and directory has partnered with one another to a degree that is both confusing and, if not aware, costly.  Do you understand how a listing at GoTo ends up in the search results at AOL and elsewhere.  How a certain link placement mistake could cost you thousands of visits?  Did you know that has it's own in-house paid search option?  What's the truth about quickly getting listed at Yahoo, in the RIGHT category. How do you evaluate and maximize paid listing options at Yahoo and LookSmart? How do you get multiple free links at Netscape's Open Directory?  Do you understand how Sprinks, RealNames, and Google AdWords work with their respective portals? The role of a service like Alexa, or Zeal, or Blink?

The Portal Linkers Professional Desk Reference will guide you through the process of obtaining links and listings at all the major search engines and directories, as well as explaining the many new adjunct linking options available to you, like Sprinks, GoTo, FindWhat, AdWords, RealNames, and others.

What It Costs
The Portal Linkers Professional Desk Reference, 6 revisions, and monthly Email bulletin cost $295.  It is delivered in eBook format in Adobe PDF or HTML, with all links active. You use it as an interactive document, guiding you through the process of understanding and securing links and listings.

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For a web marketer trying to maximize links at the major portals, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Opportunities abound, but it's so confusing you avoid it. More>
The Portal Linkers Professional Desk Reference
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