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  Useful Information

Checking Which Search Engines Have Indexed Your Site:

URL Checker (
Check to see how much of your site is indexed by major search engines.

Checking Your Site's Link Popularity:

Check Link Popularity (
Offers an easy way to find out how many sites are linking to your site as indicated by Google, Altavista and Hotbot's indexes.

And Another Link Popularity Checker (
Provided by FirstPlace Software, developers of popular search engine optimization tool Altavista, Hotbot and Lycos' indexes.

Marketleap Measures Your Popularity (
Marketleap supports its link popularity checking tool (Google, AOL Search, MSN Search, FAST/Alltheweb, HotBot, and AltaVista) with background information on the importance of link popularity.

Getting Links with the Guru (
Search Engine Optimization guru Danny Sullivan offers a round up of link popularity checking techniques, including the tools mentioned here.

Why Is Link Popularity Important?

Links and Getting Them (
This edition of FirstPlace Software's MarketPosition Newsletter focused on link popularity and assesses various techniques and services for increasing link popularity. (Be aware that Free for All link services and Reciprocal Link Services offer little or no tangible promotional or search engine visibility benefit.)

Link FAQ's (
Marketleap offers a set of link popularity related FAQ's in tandem with their link popularity checking tool.

Links Matter (
Detlev Johnson suggests why link popularity is important and ways to improve it in a guest article for

Links Matter More and More (
Jill Whalen, search engine expert and co-author of the popular Rankwrite newsletter, summarizes why link popularity is increasingly important. (In a recent edition of the newsletter, Whalen answered a reader's question on link popularity with a detailed analysis of Google's page rank system and the importance of the source of your links - see Rankwrite Issue 063.)

The Basics (
Eric Ward goes "back to basics" in his column proposing answers for frequent questions as a way to clarify frequent misunderstandings about the importance of links.

Build Links Build Traffic (
Search engine optimization specialist, Ben Ellis offers some techniques for increasing your site's link popularity.

Exploring Link Popularity in More Depth:

Expert Strategies and Tactics
'Link Mensch' Eric Ward offers convenient access to his regular commentary on "Link Building Strategies and Tactics" and introduces a selection of writing by others on link popularity and related issues.

The Word From The Link Mensch ( offers a comprehensive archive of Eric Ward's columns on link planning.

Improve Rankings, Avoid Risks (
J.K Bowmans offers insight into ranking higher by improving link popularity. And suggests ways to avoid associated risks.

Lets Talk Links (
Active discussion forum devoted to "Reciprocal Linkage Topics."

What is Page Rank? (
Google explains its page rank system.

Reciprocating Links (
Some ideas for creating reciprocal links by approaching appropriate sites.

Get and Keep Top Ranking (
Good general article on creating a search engine friendly site, which includes good advice on link building and summarizes the importance of links to various search engines.

Do's And Don't's (
Robyn Nobels compiled a good set of link building do's and don't's after the Search Engine Strategies Conference (August 2001).
For a web marketer trying to maximize links at the major portals, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Opportunities abound, but it's so confusing you avoid it. More>
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