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  The problems a Link Plan Solves For You

First, our completed Link Plan is 100% custom based on your site. Itís not a formula or template or replicated plan that we created for hundreds of other sites. Itís of use only to your site. It provides you with a detailed analysis of all the best topical venues on the Internet that are a match for your siteís topic. If your site is about mountain climbing vacations, then your Link Plan will identify the best places where you can seek links, participate in online discussions, post in online forums, as well as identifying the best categories to submit for links at the major portals, and even in topical directories related to mountain climbing, as found during my research. Your Link Plan is a niche specific blueprint of the online resources that focus on your siteís topic. It answers the key question: ďwhere do I need to be linked and listed for people to find my site?Ē

A Link Plan also solves the problem of evaluating which places in the online world are the best places for you to be linked and listed on. Donít confuse a Link Plan with FFA (Free for All) links pages. Free for All links pages are 100% useless. They are nothing more than a method marketers use to find new email addresses. Stay away from them. A Link Plan does not include ANY FFA sites as target venues for link seeking, because having done this for 7 years, I can promise you that FFA links are a waste of time. Your Link Plan focuses on the topic of your site. Anyone can find a thousand FFA sites for you, and you donít need a Link Plan for that. A Link Plan identifies topic specific locations for you to seek links at. I will research these locations for quality and topical relevance to your site, personally. Iíve created Over 1,000 Link Plans in my life, for FORTUINE 500 companies and mom/pop shops. I consult now on linking strategies to WARNER BROS, PBS, The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and many others. Linking research and analysis is what I do every day. I also write a monthly column for the preeminent online marketing how-to library on the Internet, ClickZ, where my column is called ďThe Link MenschĒ.
For a web marketer trying to maximize links at the major portals, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Opportunities abound, but it's so confusing you avoid it. More>
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