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  Why You Should Consider A Link Plan For Your Site.

You know the Internet is a big place, with millions of web sites, hundreds of thousands of discussion lists, tens of thousands of e-newsletters and forums, and more nooks and crannies than you have time to explore to seek links at. Most folks are busy, and donít have the time to do their jobs as well as spending hundreds of hours researching the web. So, most folks end up take the easiest linking path, which is to submit to the top ten or 15 online search engines and directories, and thatís it.

While this may seem logical, it isnít. The reason it seems logical is because many studies show that the majority of traffic comes from the largest search engines and directories. However, when I analyze my traffic for my own sites, I see something different. Iíve built over 1,000 links to my sites over the past 7 years, and while the top ten search engines and directories send me more traffic than each of the other links individually, when the other links are totaled and taken as a whole, they send me 10 times more traffic per day that the top ten search engines and directories. Iíll repeat that. The combined links to my site send me more traffic than the largest search engines and directories.

In other words, if I have 500 links that each send me one visitor per day, thatís a total of 500 visitors from my links, compared to the 50 visits per day I get from Yahoo. Yes, Yahoo is the largest single source of traffic, but they do not even compare to the traffic I get from my collection of links. If I lost all my links Iíd lose 90% of my traffic. If I lost my Yahoo link Iíd only lose 10% of my traffic. Thatís the power of links.
For a web marketer trying to maximize links at the major portals, it's the best of times and the worst of times. Opportunities abound, but it's so confusing you avoid it. More>
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